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Updated 17 May 2016

The point of contact for both NSF- and non-NSF funded researcher freight shipments to Barrow is UIC Science.  As there are no roads to Barrow, all delivery there is ultimately by air or sea barge. Shipping by air from the source is the option most likely to succeed. It is critical that you work with UIC Science to plan your shipments and to update them on your freight details after shipping.

When sending freight to Barrow, please send to “UIC Science – Sean Gunnells” and include a line requesting the attention of the recipient “ATTN: project team leader or principal investigator”.

Researchers are requested to complete the freight data tracking information found at

which prompts the user for all vital information needed to receive cargo in Barrow including any temperature or special handling requirements. Shippers can check to see if their items have arrived in Barrow at:

For shipments via the US Postal Service, please use the address below. We recommend Delivery Confirmation on all packages.


  • UIC Science – Sean Gunnells
  • ATTN: Project PI Last Name
  • PO Box 936
  • Barrow, AK 99723
  • Phone: 907-852-7392
  • Cell: 907-367-3903

If you use any other services – Federal Express (FedEx)United Parcel Service (UPS)Alaska Airlines Cargo (including Goldstreak), or Northern Air Cargo (NAC), please use the physical address below. Note that UPS and FedEx will electronically record your freight as having been delivered to Barrow once it reaches Anchorage, after which it gets turned over to a contracted courier service (usually NAC). It is often impossible to track packages between Anchorage and Barrow using the websites of these services, but packages get to Barrow eventually. Alaska Airlines Goldstreak is generally fast with reliable tracking (please contact airline if you are shipping HazMats as they have stricter regulations than Cargo Only carriers). Be aware that physical addresses in Barrow often do not validate in shippers’ electronic databases.


  • UIC Science LLC
  • ATTN: Group Name
  • 848 NARL BARC
  • PO Box 936
  • Barrow, AK 99723
  • Phone: 907-367-6020