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updated 17 February 2016

NOTE: As of 12 May 2015, the “Barrow Bookings” reservation Google doc is longer active. In the future please make all reservations for CPS-supported Barrow projects via the Checkfront portal at

Researchers supported by NSF working in Barrow during 2016 will be housed in multi-bedroom leased huts.  Non-NSF researchers will receive lodging in a dormitory-style lodging unit. For those groups working in Atqasuk there is a house with beds for 10 people available.  Hence, making your reservation well in advance is advised. Depending upon the size of a science group, hut space may be dedicated to a specific group, or shared between groups.


hut 171


Ukpik Nest hotel


Researchers who desire to opt out of this shared space arrangement may rent hotel rooms for the duration of their stay and pay for this directly from their grant funds.

To implement this process and allocate the space to best serve researcher needs, UIC Science requires that reservations for Barrow and Atqasuk are made well in advance of the desired arrival date. CPS and UIC Science will attempt to co-house science teams, but this is dependent on availability and group size. The later a reservation is submitted, the less likely a research team will be housed in the same hut. Each field team member will use the following online form to submit requests in Barrow and Atqasuk:


You will receive a confirmation email upon making a reservation. Please remember to check your spam or junk mail folders for the confirmation email if you do not see it.

To make changes to a reservation or for any questions please contact Sean Gunnells at sean.gunnells@uicscience.com. Researchers supported through CPS should also cc their CPS Science Project Manager.

Please make one reservation per stay and location. Reservations must be completed no later than 3 weeks prior to desired arrival.

UIC Science requests that each project assigns a logistics point of contact (project POC) from within the science group if the PI cannot be present at each site visit. The project POC’s responsibility is to make sure that all the appropriate information has been provided within required deadlines. CPS and UIC Science will then work with the project POC to identify and respond to missing information, personnel changes, special requirements and other eventualities. The project POC will also be responsible for communicating important information on behalf of CPS and UIC Science to the project team members.

hut 169B bedroom 1

hut 171 dining and living rooms







If a project requests accommodations during peak periods they may be asked to shift their dates in order to fit within available leased housing. Researchers may be required to change lodging, to move into temporary arrangements in response to emergencies such as electrical or plumbing problems, and to accept housing density increases during periods of high demand. If CPS and UIC Science are not given sufficient notice via the reservations form of the arrival and departure of team members and/or if a team member arrives without a reservation, the researcher must arrange and pay for hotel accommodations until a space opens up in the hut schedule. Last minute arrangements may also involve a lower level of comfort and convenience.

NSF-funded researchers may extend a stay in Barrow only with specific prior approval if the request is beyond the approved NSF support scope. (see the Scope Policy document). Non-NSF groups may be accommodated on a space-available basis.  Lodging is subject to availability and often fully subscribed during peak summer periods. Researchers who extend a stay may be required to change lodging and/or pay for their expenses. Although Barrow is accessible by commercial airline with attendant benefits and convenience, the housing, transportation, communications, and meal accommodations in Barrow are not as expansive and flexible as they are in other places with similar accessibility. All researchers who plan to visit Barrow should keep this in mind as they plan their field operations. Adaptation and willingness to accept the limitations of a field situation are essential traits of a researcher planning to work in Barrow.

Ukpik Nest room_1

Frequently Asked Questions

How do reservations in other villages work?

The Bookings spreadsheet is primarily made for reservations in Barrow and Atqasuk. In other villages, when within NSF-approved scope, CPS covers stays in hotels via PO or by reimbursement (contact Anna Schemper at anna@polarfield.com for more details). Researchers usually have to plan for their accommodations in villages, with CPS assistance if needed. However, it would be appreciated that researchers make reservations in the Bookings spreadsheet for villages so CPS and UIC Science know when someone is staying in a village. In the reservation form, just select “reservation for other villages” and give more details in the “special requests/comments” box.

How can I change/cancel my reservation?

Once you submit a request, you will receive a confirmation email. For changes or questions please contact Sean Gunnells at sean.gunnells@uicscience.com. Researchers supported through CPS should also cc their CPS Science Project Manager.

Why do I have to make one reservation per stay?

For planning purposes, it would be appreciated that researchers be as accurate as possible in their reservation.

For example, if you are planning on going to Barrow from 2/1 to 2/5, then fly to Atqasuk for 2 days and go back to Barrow until you leave on 2/9, you will ideally make 3 reservations as detailed here below:

–       2/1/ to 2/5: Reservation for Barrow

–       2/5 to 2/7: Reservation for Atqasuk

–       2/7 to 2/9: Reservation for Barrow

If you were to go back to Barrow and fly out directly, it is not necessary to make a reservation just for one day. If possible, briefly explain in the “special requests/comments” box.

What are the accommodations like?

In general, you will be housed in a quonset hut or dormitory for the duration of your stay. Lodging is on the NARL campus, approximately 3 miles from the town of Barrow. The huts are refurbished artifacts of the US Naval Arctic Research Laboratory, owned by the Ukpeagvik Iñupiat Corporation and vary in size from one to three bedrooms. The dormitories consist of dual occupancy rooms with shared bathroom, laundry, cooking, and lounge facilties. All lodging is within walking distance of the BARC and college cafeteria and has internet connectivity.

What can I expect for cooking?

All lodging facilities have a kitchen with a gas or electric cooktop and oven, sink, refrigerator, and microwave oven. Cleaning products, some pots and pans, and some flatware and dishes.  Lodging accomodations are not outfitted identically.  A microwave oven is also available in the common area of the BARC laboratory building. There might be some food left from previous projects, but groups should plan to purchase food, spices, and condiments from the local grocery stores. Leftover items can be shared with subsequent groups.

What are the sleeping arrangements in the huts and dormitory?

Expect to sleep in a room with multiple occupants. There are usually 2 twin beds in each bedroom of the huts. Dormitory rooms are configured for dual occupancy. Housing is scarce in Barrow and space is at a premium. Bed sheets, pillows, blanket and towels are provided. You should bring your own toiletries or purchase locally.

Will I be housed with other members of my project?

The huts and dormitories, including the bedrooms, are shared space that will be allocated to researchers by UIC Science once a reservation is made in Bookings. Depending upon the size of a science group, the space may be dedicated to a specific group, or shared between groups. You may be asked to move or to make other accommodations to deal with the limitations of the available lodging.

Will I have housekeeping service?

You are expected to respect the other hut occupants, and to keep the living space tidy by cleaning up after yourselves. A vacuum and other cleaning supplies are in each hut and dormitory. The common spaces will be cleaned on a weekly basis by a cleaning service. You will be responsible for your own laundry and for placing trash in the various dumpsters that are nearby.

Where can I do laundry?

All lodging accommodations have laundry machines. You will be expected to work out among yourselves how laundry will be done. Laundry soap is provided.

What can I do if the hut lodging doesn’t work for me?

If you desire to opt out of the shared space you may attempt to rent a hotel room for the duration of your stay, subject to availability. You will be required to pay for this from your personal funds or grant dollars. CPS and UIC Science will not provide you with hotel rooms, make reservations, or reimburse you for expenses related to hotel rooms. We cannot guarantee that transportation to/from hotel accommodations will always be available. A taxi service is available at your own expense.